Shamrock Clinic

we serve to the needs of our community mental health

Why Our Clinic

Our Goals
Psychiatrist providing state Of The art mental illness diagnosis for clients seeking relief of sign and symptoms of the illness. In providing the needed service our clients will ultimately obtain relief, stabilization, recovery, remission and mental wellness.

Our Vision
Identify accurate diagnosis using evidence based established psychiatric diagnostic
criteria from DSM-5 Psychiatrist’s detailed clinical interview coordinated with signs and symptoms and diagnostic criteria set forth will be the basis for client’s sound psychiatric illness diagnosis.

Our Mission
Psychiatrist will evaluate all possible alternate treatment options considered by the client before selecting a safe treatment plan mutually understood and acknowledged by our client’s and their loved ones(Child)(elderly). At Shamrock Clinic transparency in treatment services begins from initial visit.

Our Psychiatrists Are Always At Your Service!

Please call us 24 hours a day to leave a message at 724-860-8211
If this is an emergency, please dial 911

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